March 14, 2009

Baby Boot Camp Kickin' my Booty

Work it mama!

Above is a photo of Aidan and me at Central Oahu Regional Park just after finishing a Baby Boot Camp session. In an attempt to get back into shape I have signed up for an exercise camp where I get to bring Bambino Boy with me. Baby Boot Camp is such a great concept - moms get to workout with their children - pushing them in the jogging stroller or using them as a medicine ball substitute for abdominal exercises. This class is freaking amazing! I'm in love with it. It's totally kicking my ass though - I am way out of shape and it's worse than I thought.

I sort of noticed that I was gettin' a bit slow when I had to haul balls one night from work to the train station. I left work a bit later than usual and was on the verge of being just on time or late for my train home. So hoping that I wouldn't have to wait for the next train I ran my ass off from the Cambridge and Staniford (in Boston and only a 0.4 mile distance) intersection all the way to North Station. Pre-baby I would've ran out of breath but then catch it within a couple of seconds. Post-baby I felt like I was going to pass out. Anyway, that was one reason to kick up my heels and get back into shape.

Some other reasons for me to get back into shape:
  • I feel fat; the sight of my unsightly stretchmarks is really getting to me.
  • I'm in Hawai'i so I've got to be bikini appropriate
  • I miss being able to put on a pair of jogging shoes and just go or more like putting on a pair of cleats and kickin' the ball around
  • It's good for my health - there's a risk of diabetes and heart disease in mi familia
  • The most important reason is to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle for my son

If I want Aidan to grow up to be a healthy being then I have to show him how be one. It's amazing how some people, like me, can forget how precious of a temple their body is and that it's their only one. So it's time for me to treat my body like one.

I'm very excited about the class and I think Aidan is too - he giggles when he watches me do jumping jacks and laughs like there's no tomorrow when I use him as a medicine ball for my ab workouts. He also enjoys just being outside - he's definitely an aire libre matter the weather. I still huff and puff when we jog - did you know that it is even harder to jog with a stroller? Oh yeah. I feel it in my arms but I love my jogging stroller.

Anyway, here's to getting back in shape (high school weight +5 or 10 lbs, maybe be able to run a 5K or full out marathon or mostly join a soccer team and be able to keep up with everyone else) and living a healthy lifestyle (staying green, going organic, and no television until night time).

Kick my own ass, me!

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Alanna said...

You go girl!! Wish I had a little one just so they'd let ME in to boot camp with ya!


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