March 7, 2009

Antes de mi bebe

Captain Adorable
I just had a little chuckle at myself just now. At this moment I am nursing Aidan and typing at the same time. It's not so easy or time efficient to type with one hand but I am a true believer in multi-tasking. Anyway, I was reading the blogs I usually follow by friends and popular blogger parents and realized that I haven't checked in on my "before Aidan" blog, The Sartorialist for...well ever since he was born. It's a blog about fashion on the streets, a man has been traveling around the world photographing random strangers on the streets who are chic and fashion forward. I used to check the blog everyday, seriously, and I'd always look forward to the next issues of Vogue (all of the Vogues, Paris, Britain, Australia, and it goes on) especially what I call the bible, the fall issue. I'd look through the sites Anthropolgie, Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenburg, and my all time favorite Betsey Johnson during my lunch breaks.

Now my obsession is researching about making baby food at home, the best jogging stroller, 529 Savings Plan, or teething. My favorite reads now are anything about parenting; I read Parents, Parenting, American Baby, Family Circle, and I've still got my edge with Vanity Fair and NY Times. I no longer tolerate Vogue. My favorite websites are RockNSprouts,, HawaiiMomsLikeMe, CrunchyGranolaBaby, GreenBabies, Baby Center , again anything baby. I love shopping for my son and researching about what I can do to make my son's life a good one. Reading the e-newsletters from my parenting magazine subscriptions is a part of my "self pampering" time. My life really does revolve around Aidan.

I could go to a lecture, a concert, for drinks, or shopping whenever without a care. These days I have to have a day's notice if someone wants to go out at night, like last night, my cousin asked if I wanted to go to the open galleries and a party for her friend's Vintage Clothing store - totally "my scene" - but without a day's notice I can't go out at night. Another example is that I missed my favorite photographer (who is now totally bankrupt) Annie Leibovitz speak in Harvard Square last November.

The "surprising" (I put quotation marks because it isn't all that surprising because...) thing is that I didn't really care or feel like I was missing out on anything because Aidan is my life. I understood what I was getting into when I decided to raise him on my own and I have no regrets about my decision.

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Melissa said...

Aidan is a VERY lucky boy.

Thanks for all the great baby links. I admit, I love my baby center enewsletters.


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