January 16, 2009

What's the Story Morning Glory?

So the 411 on Aidan and I moving to the 808 is:

  • Sister going back to school full time which means no more childcare!!! :o( Also I just didn't feel like asking my amazing neighbor to watch him for more hours and still get paid the same amount of $$$

  • Going to live on the main island, Oahu, with my aunt.

  • Have a job setup along with affordable childcare

  • Spending 2 weeks in Seattle with my parents because I'm sure Aidan's Moma would kill me if we didn't PLUS I want to. Oh and I think his Aunty Megs would slay me as well if we didn't make a pit stop in Seatown.

  • Will get in touch with my islander roots

  • Going to enjoy that the coldest it gets is 50 degrees

  • Backtracks my plans on moving to Seattle but will give me more time to save $$$ maybe buy a condo or small house when we do finally end up in Seattle

  • I will miss Massacusetts terribly and everyone in it that I've met and grown to love

So nothing juicy really but I'm just really excited about this change and feel very confident about it. We've got two more weeks of Boston and then off to Seattle.

Anyway, bring on the lau lau and surfing!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, woman! Two more weeks? You're not a spontaneous gal or anything are you? Good luck!

A said...

You will love Seattle. It's not as cold or hot as Boston and we have probably one of the strongest economies at the moment.

Melissa said...

That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you. Do you have help packing and all? That is a lot to get accomplished. Too bad I am leaving right as you are coming back through here.


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