January 9, 2009

%#&@$! MILK????

Breast milk - a source of nourishment for infants.

Menstruation - flowy red stuff that trickles from the hu-ha.

Which would be more appealing to talk about with another lady?

You be the judge.

Personally, I'd rather talk about what goes into a "My Mommy's Milk" bag than a "tampax" but in reality I'm open to talk about anything. Fellow females crack me up when they cringe or make a faux vomit face when I say, "breast milk." In fact, at times I'm not even allowed to finish that word.

I wonder what is so offensive about breast milk.

Speaking of breast milk, I have a new favorite mommy blogger check her out and her post about breastfeeing in public.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get onto my favorite part of the day - pumping milk for my son so that he can be nourished during the hours that I'm not at home with him.

Breast milk, breast milk, breast milk.

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