August 19, 2008

Birthdays, baby showers, doctor appointments, etc....

We'll start off with my Uncle Don's 72nd Birthday. This fella is one character. He has got to be one of the most convivial individuals I have ever met. Poppy (as he's known by his grandchildren) is also one of the most gracious souls in the world. It couldn't have been a better day for a family get together - good company, good food, and good drinks (of course mine were non-alcoholic).
The Birthday Boy!
Grace, Uncle Don, Duncan, & Lilly helping him blow out the candles.
He is known by the family as Poppy - the grandpa.
Then came my baby shower. The best way I could describe the day was overwhelming but not in a bad way. It was a day filled with love and support - what more could I ask for? My best friend Brooke setup the shower with some help from my cousin Collette and friend Lynn. Brooke came all the way up from NYC for the day and then left so that she could get a few things finalized before her next big step. We know how to make time work for us ;o)
I was so touched by all of the gifts (from clothes to a stroller) that my little man received. Being born as a boy in my family (and as my mom says, "It's good luck to have your first child as a son.") it is guaranteed that he will be spoiled. My mother's side of the family is very matriarchal. As for my dad's side of the family - I think it's pretty even. Anyway, I had a sort of a "Miranda Hobbs" (Sex & the City) baby shower; meaning I had fried chicken as the main meal since I had been craving it like a crazy person but no Tiffany's rattle (thank goodness).
Opening of gifts has always been a bit awkward for me since I try to look naturally grateful but sometimes I do it too much or not enough. Since everyone just wants to see the baby gifts I just put them in front of my face and hoped that would show my gratitude along with my genuine smile (seriously it was genuine). Thankfully, Brooke came up with the cute idea of making cards for the little fella for each year until he's 18. I read some of the cards that were created....too cute! Anyway, that diversion helped take off some of the pressure as well.
Then it was dessert and departure time.
Baby showers are pretty stinkin' fun but I don't want to do another one for another five years or so. But who knows what will happen. I've learned that plans are important but someone up there is laughing at them. A balance of planning and going with what you've got is pretty much how life works.
Below are some photos from the shower:
Brooke & me
The bump = My little man

My beautiful baby sister and her kind French man (he's only allowed to speak french to le bebe)Katharine, Deborah, and me (I look swollen because I am!)Aunt Lizzie & Mary Ellen

The cupcakes - oh yum! The cards.

The abundance of gifts!

As for my health; everything looks good. Healthy heart = healthy baby. I had my ultrasound today (I started writing this blog a few days ago but this will be finished today - Friday, August 22, 2008) and it was just a biophysical so no fun ultrasound pictures...sorry! I was so disappointed this morning that I almost hissed at the technician but it's not her fault so I resisted. I got to see how big he is: his head is low and I mean low, I got to see some "belly breathing" and watch him move as I felt his kinetics. I'm hoping for some photos next week and if so I will for sure post them. Other than that I'm just uncomfortable by the end of the day - my feet are like elephant feet...I have a hard time putting on socks and tying my shes. I sleep on my couch now so that I stay comfortably on my side. I figure I've had a pretty easy pregnancy since it was just last week that I gave up heels and for the past month and a half I've been using only maternity clothes.

All that I can ask for now is for a healthy delivery for my little fella.

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Melissa said...

Yay for Baby showers! Looks like lots of people are excited for this baby to come and you hit the jackpot. I know what you mean about it being awkward with showing gratitude for gifts with so many people around. I like your technique of just holding the gift up and smiling. I'll definitely borrow that for my baby shower.


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