August 4, 2008

33 Week OB Appointment

"All's quiet on the western front" once again. Starting at 36 weeks (August 22nd) I will begin weekly ultransounds...I think. Since my BMI (Body Mass Index) is a bit high - the doctor's just want to make sure that the baby is ok since having a high BMI can lead to a still born. So even though I am gaining the perfect amount of weight, I exercise, eat healthy, don't have gestational diabetes - I still have to be in one of the "high risk" categories and be freaked out that since I started out overweight - I could cause my baby's death. Not something that makes a mother-to-be feel great.

This news doesn't bring me down deep - it just pierces my heart. The doctor was sweet enough to mention that I don't look as though I have a high BMI - but looks aren't everything now are they doc?

Other than that everything is progressing gracefully - the little fella likes to catch me off guard and give me a good strong kick or do somersaults inside of me. The kicks are much more comfortable than the squirming.

That's the news as I know it for now. More updates and photos to follow.

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