November 6, 2009

Follow the Friday Brick Road.......

If you're a Twitter user then you know all about the #FF or the Follow Friday jazz. If you're not then here's a two sentence explanation:

Twitter users (hash) tag certain other twitter users on Fridays so that other twitter users can find out who twitter user #1 follows. It's like Twitter User PR that's free and totally fun to do.

So instead of just doing it on twitter I'm going to start doing some linky love on Fridays. Of course on the Fridays I remember. I know I won't remember every Friday but maybe I'll be smart enough to pre-post and date so then I will have a post every Friday. Anysnooze you get the idea.

I figure this will be a great way to minimize my "favorites" column because I sure do have a lot of links in it.
The Bad Ass Club Part One
I wish I could be as funny and bad ass as these people. They make bad assery seem so easy.
First up?

The would be Single Mom Survives and not just because she featured the Bambino and me in a little #FF video love but because she's a strong, opinionated, foul mouthed (that's sometimes a good thing in my book), independent, and loving mama. She's also got a really cute avatar (see left) so she's a friggin' MILF!!! Anyway this lady talks about her horror stories dealing with her HOA (how cool is that she owns her own home? something I hope I can do for my little family of two - I'd love for the Bambino to run around in a yard without worries) to something as simple (and still hilarious) as random rantings. She's honest and a side splitter - if those aren't reasons to read her blog then I don't what you're conservative rock you're living under.

Next up is Why Is Daddy Crying? The man makes me laugh when I read his tweets and his blog. He's an all around funny writer. Bonus is that he has really good taste in music. It isn't often I hear someone sharing that they're listening to the Flaming Lips on their commute home. Oh and if his avatar scares you a little - do be scared. In fact if you ever meet him in person... RUN! Because he might be like a dog and hump your arm. Yeah he's that crazy but you gotta love a man that "brings the funny" and hates snuggies just as much as I do.

And really I can't mention the "...Daddy Crying" without mentioning the Nucking Futs Mama. This (totally hot) mama of twins is on some kind of other level of funny. I mean not many and I might get cut for this but not many Stay-at-Home-Moms are that funny (or at least they refuse to admit that their daily lives merit a funny award - it's not all arts and craps). There's maybe like 10 out there on the web (that I've read) that are actually side splitting funny. But this lady doesn't fail you. I mean she talks about her "fredgie" (front wedige from her thong) in public for anyone to read. That's some funny and cajones lady. ;o) She also makes it seem like talking about butt sweat is just like talking about the weather. I mean wouldn't you want a mom who talks about her thong and how she mixed up her kids homework at your tea party? I would.
Ok that's about all I can handle for now. I'll have more to add to the "Bad Ass Club" next Friday. But for now check out these tweeps, bloggers, parents, funniest human beings in the world!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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